Pay for knowledge not education.


You are hiring a consultant to provide solutions and that is what you get with Kaplan Technology Consulting.  We have provided guidance and solutions for over 20 years utilizing our 35 years of experience in “Upstream Oil & Gas”, Sales & Customer Service and Computing Technology.

We provide the expertise to upgrade and maintain your network environment. One of the ways we use our experience is knowledge of suppliers.  We have vetted many suppliers to provide guidance and cost effective buying decisions for our clients.  This includes computers, servers, network infrastructure, endpoint protection and backup solutions. 

If you are involved in the oil & gas industry, we provide negotiation skills for obtaining the maximum value for your overriding royalties as well as AFE evaluation to determine the best course of action on new prospects as well as remedial workovers, zone changes, TA and P & A. 

We also provide skilled meeting facilitation.  Often, companies schedule meetings that produce few results, but with our facilitation, you will exit your meetings with a plan of action and identify individuals to implement those actions. 


Michael Kaplan

BS – Engineering

Graduating from Texas A&M, Michael has been working with and extending his knowledge of technology, communication, facilitation and performance optimization.  With his vast skill set, Michael is uniquely qualified to manage and solve a wide array of challenges, well beyond those who specialize in a single subject area.  Michael often works with a group of subject matter experts to arrive at a best of breed solution.


Contact us at: info@kaplantc.com